Taking Care of a Split-bamboo Fly Rod

Best practices for gaining maximum value from your split-bamboo fly rod.

1. Never put a rod away wet.  Keep the rod (and the rod bag) clean and dry.

2. Store rod, out of the rod tube, in a bag, tip ends up in a dark place with little temperature fluctuation. Never store horizontally or assembled.

3. Never leave the rod leaning against anything, especially cars.  Always put your rod in the tube when you are finished fishing. This is the first order of business in getting ready to leave.  The rod tube is intended for transporting and going through doorways.

4. Never pull or tug on a snagged fly with the rod.  Hold the fly line with your hand and pull the fly out.

5. Never wax, oil or varnish the cork.  If it’s dirty wash with mild soap and water, or baking soda and water.

6. Keep ferrules meticulously clean inside and out.  Never oil or use nose grease (it contains salt that can damage the ferrules and the fitting).

7. When assembling, push ferrules home as far as they will comfortably go.  Never twist the ferrules when taking the rod apart, pull them straight apart. Remember – hands together, ferrules together: hands apart-ferrules apart.

8. Never stick hooks in the cork handle.

          9. Check frequently for possible damage and attend to ASAP.

NOTE: several of the above suggestions apply to most types of rods. A slight amount of time spent caring for a fine split-bamboo rod will ensure that it lasts a life-time.