About Grand River Cane Rods


It all started when...

     Grand River Cane Rods was inspired by my life-long love of all things outdoors, especially fly fishing and my passion for split-bamboo fly rods. A hand-crafted split bamboo fly rod is a unique precision fly casting tool, and intricacies of its design and construction are akin to those of finely-made Cremonese violins. I have used my bamboo rods to present hand-tied frauds in trout waters of Southern and Northern Ontario, Colorado and Alberta. However, in a typical year during May-June, I can usually be found closer to home on local waters that include the historic Grand River, a heritage Canadian river that flows through the small towns of Fergus and Elora.

     I am a Professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Guelph. I have three adult children (one son and two daughters) and live with my lovely wife, Anne Marie in Guelph, Ontario, a scant 20 minutes from my beloved Grand River. I invite you to explore the contents of Grand River Cane Rods and to share with me my passion for fishing with fine split-bamboo fly rods.

Mark D. Baker, December, 2016

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