People often ask me the following question, "How tough are bamboo fly rods?". In asking this, I imagine that they have some preconceived notion that because bamboo fly rods are made of natural material, they are not as tough as their synthetic cousins, graphite or fiberglass rods, or that they require way more babying to keep them in good condition. The idea that bamboo fly rods are in any way less durable or require special treatment to keep them in fine condition is utter non-sense. Other than keeping them clean and dry, there is little else that you need to do to keep a bamboo fly rod serviceable. To assist in dispelling the myth that bamboo fly rods lack strength or durability, I invite you to watch this YouTube video produced by Oyster Creek Rods,

NOTE: try some of these "tests" on your fiberglass or graphite rods and see what happens!