Grand River Cane Rods is a collection of
hand-crafted split bamboo fly fishing rods.

Care Guide for Your Bamboo Fly rod

Our handcrafted fly rods are built with the finest bamboo.


We have extensive experience crafting split cane fly rods. 

Why Fish with a
Bamboo Fly Rod?

Split-bamboo Fly Rods.

Mark Baker, Founder of Grand River Cane Rods

Mark Baker, Founder of Grand River Cane Rods

About Grand River Can Rods

Grand River Cane Rods was inspired by my life-long love of all things outdoors, especially fly fishing and my passion for split-bamboo fly rods. 

I invite you to explore the contents of Grand River Cane Rods and to share with me my passion for fishing with fine split-bamboo fly rods.

“While I’ve fished with many different cane rods, Marks are among the nicest I’ve sampled. His attention to detail at every step shines through in the finished product but as casting tools, they are second to none. Mark put a 7’ #4 in my hands last spring and although I would not consider myself a cane rod enthusiast, I know a nice stick when I cast it. This rod is a joy to cast and to fight fish with.

If you are looking for a high quality cane rod, I would recommend getting together with Mark”.
— Rob Heal | Co-owner, Grand River Outfitting & Fly Shop | FFF Certified Instructor

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We would love to hear your feedback. From questions about crafting your own split-bamboo fly rods to where to source materials, I will respond to your questions within 1-3 business days. 


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